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How do you know where you are going if you don’t know where you have been"

Like the study of history you can learn from the experiences of others. Look, listen, learn and plan.

History of the Pudding Shop Travellers Bulletin Board or Blog – pre internet!
Istanbul the bridge from Europe to Asia and for centuries the great meeting point for travelers and traders alike. When overland travel really started to increase in the 1960’s, many adventurous souls made what was then a more rugged trip, the great overland trek from Europe to Australasia (or visa versa) via the Middle East, India, Nepal and South East Asia. A small restaurant in the centre of Istanbul soon became a favourite meeting place, not only for coffee and food (puddings what else), but to pin your travel related message on the wall for other travelers to see.

Pre-dating another famous travellers information icon, the Thorn Tree Café in Nairobi (established in 1961), Idris Copan and his brother Namik opened Lale Pastahanesi in 1957. At this time The Pudding Shop was the only place in the area the adventurous could get direct transport to Asia and tourist information on Turkey.

The tourists made The Pudding Shop famous, using it as a meeting and message center. Idris Çolpan explained that "pilgrims" travelling East, often driving old cars or Volkswagen vans, would stop at his restaurant to meet new acquaintances and find other travellers with whom to share expenses and experiences.

The Çolpan brothers put up a bulletin board to handle all the messages from people offering or hitching riders to Europe or the Far East.

Here was the place to find a travel companion for the longest and hardest section of the journey, someone to share the costs and thrill with. Some travelers arrived with vans or old buses and this is where they found other travelers to join them. Over many cups of local coffee, or tea you could find the latest information from someone who had just arrived from the other direction.

The restaurant still exists to this day, but no longer functions as it did in the past. However, the name lingers on as a true icon of a place to meet travelers and learn from their experiences.

You can access a section of tools and resources to assist you with your travel, both prior to departure and while you are on the road. So, sit back with your own cup of coffee or tea if you have it put on a CD of Turkish music and let you keyboard take you to the world via our PUDDING SHOP.

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Would you fork out to fly from Australia to Europe in 5 hours

In a report by The Guardian, UK-based Reaction Engines has unveiled its designs for a hypersonic passenger jet with the ability to fly from Europe to Australia in less than five hours. Flying at 3000mph (4828km/h), the A2 combines commercial aircraft features with space travel technology. The A2 is run on liquid hydrogen and produces water vapour and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as opposed to carbon emissions. Capable of carrying 300 passengers, the estimated cost of the flight would be similar to a current first class fare. According to Senior Engineer and Managing Director, Alan Bond, the A2 could arrive on our shores within 25 years. “The A2 is designed to leave Brussels international airport, fly quietly and subsonically out into the north Atlantic at mach 0.9 before reaching mach 5 across the North Pole and heading over the Pacific to Australia,” he said. “Our work shows that it is possible technically; now it’s up to the world to decide if it wants it,” Bond added.

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