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Internationale Flugbörse. Flugangebote. De vois pau tous pays dans le monde entier. Vois á prix rèduits.

Humans can match and beat machines, especially for complex trips.

Real people will search all airline services. This means premium airlines, low-cost carriers and if necessary private charter aircraft!

Most flight websites use rigid search algorithms. Real people can search any route with any combination.

Flying round-the-world? Travelling with multiple surfboards, or golf clubs? Real people can advise airlines that don’t count sports equipment as part of the baggage limits, or offer concessions for such equipment. Flying with pets doesn’t present a problem for real people.

Our people are well travelled. We  can provide city advice related to the city you fly to and most importantly make sure you arrive at the best airport for that city. Remember not all ‘city airports’ are close to the actual city and may not be connected by cheap public transport to the actual city centre.

Visa Regulations. This can be a swamp into which you do not want to get bogged down! Need a transit visa for a forced stop on route? Do you suddenly need to aquire a new visa while on the road?

Don't end up with the worst seats on the plane. Real people can provide advice on landing the best seats, after all we look for these when we fly!


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